Kim Kardashian's Selfie Tutorial Is Pure Social Media Gold (VIDEO)

kim kardashianBy now it's no secret that Kim Kardashian is pretty good at taking her own photo. Check out her Instagram account, and you'll see selfie after selfie of the big-booty new momma. In fact, she's not alone. Get this: According to a new study, 11 percent of all Instagram photos are selfies, for crying out loud! No wonder why I'm seeing so many duck-lips faces on my Instagram feed lately!

Well I have some good news for all you selfie-loving photo-takers: Kim Kardashian recently spilled her selfie secrets to Extra. That's right, you too can take the perfect self-portrait. Here, let's check out Kim's tips:


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Tip No. 1. The phone needs to be higher than your face: Ahh, clutch. Kim's got a point here. Generally the higher the camera, the more slender your face looks in pictures.

Tip No. 2. Know your angle: Do you take photos better from the right side or the left? A study last year said everyone's best side is their left side. Seriously! Apparently the left side of our faces shows more emotions.

Tip No. 3. Know your lighting: Are you trying to selfie it up in the dark? Then I have news for you my friend: It ain't gonna look good. Look toward the light to highlight your features instead of casting shadows across your entire face.

Tip No. 4. To duck face or not to duck face: Kim K. is a major fan of the lip pucker (AKA the duck face). If you're not, that's fine, but your selfie just won't have that same Kardashian allure.

Check out Kim talking selfies and more here:

Are you a slave to the selfie?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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