Miranda Kerr's Rumored New Boyfriend May Make Some People Upset

miranda kerr son flynnI think everyone let out a collective oh no when news of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's breakup hit in late October. They seemed to have a beautiful life together, love and marriage and a son. But things often seem "perfect" on the outside and we can never truly know what really goes on between two people.

There has been rumors circulating about whom Miranda is now dating and also the whispers that she's moving on way too soon. Some people perhaps feel she isn't thinking of her son. Because, you know, moms aren't allowed to move on after a breakup.


Dads either, of course. But so far no word on what's going on in Orlando's love life. (Psst. I'm going through divorce, too, Orlando.)

It's not exactly whom Miranda is dating that may make people upset, it's when. It's only been little over a month after she and Orlando announced their split. We have no idea when the couple began having issues, though. And a rift may have been there for a long, long time. You still want to know who the guy is though, right? Right. He's Australian casino mogul and billionaire James Packer. Wow. He's 46. Miranda is 30. He used to be married to Erica Baxter, a model. And they have three kids together. Apparently Erica and James and Miranda and Orlando used to all be friends and they even vacationed together. But Erica and James broke up in September just a month before Orlando and Miranda. Whoa. Heavy stuff. 

It doesn't matter who the guy is though ... or when she began dating him ... or if she knew him before. When a breakup happens, we can't impose our own thoughts on when it's the right time for that person to start seeing people again. Even if the newly single person is a parent. We have to trust that a parent thinks of their kid's best interest if and when they introduce the new person into their child's lives. I used to make my own judgment calls on that ... way before I got married, had kids, and now am separated. Now I see everything differently. I don't think there is a proper time frame. There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. If a person feels ready to date again, then they should try dating again. And that doesn't change if you have kids or not.

What do you think? Is there a right time frame on when a person should date again? Does it matter if a person has kids or not?


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