Robert Pattinson Almost Wasn't Edward Cullen Because of This Actor

twilight castImagine the Twilight franchise with a totally different guy playing Edward. That's blasphemy to the gazillions of Twihards out there, I know. But it almost happened. Recently, a big star has come forward admitting he turned down the chance because he didn't want to play the super sullen Cullen.


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So the actor who gave up the role of a lifetime? Kellan Lutz. That's right. Kellan Lutz, who went on to play Emmett. According to the actor, he "didn't care" to audition for the part.

"The role just didn't ... I just didn't care to audition because he was a bit moody and emotionally challenged," he said. Lucky for him, he landed another plum part in the movie, which shot all the stars to the A-list. Honestly, that wasn't just the right decision for him, but for fans of the movie as well. Can you imagine Kellan as Edward? He's entirely too beefy and brawny for that cerebral, gentle, conflicted vampire. It, quite honestly, may have ruined the entire movie.

What were producers thinking even considering him for it? That's not to say he isn't a good actor, he is. And I am sure that Kristen Stewart had plenty of chemistry with him. (Who wouldn't? The guy is seriously hot.) But come on. He is a way too lunky guy to pull off that epic love story. Casting him as Edward is akin to picking Katy Perry for Bella. It's just not right.

Do you think Kellan could have pulled off the Edward Cullen role?


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