'Star Wars' Launches Instagram Account With Best Selfie Ever -- Let the Nerdgasms Begin!

star wars instagramHere it is. This is officially the best selfie ever. You'd never think that a movie franchise that started back in 1977 would ever end up with its own Instagram account in 2013. But it has happened. And Star Wars has picked the ultimate photo to continue with the promotion for the next movie in the series.

Darth Vader captioned his selfie with: "Another day at the office. #StarWars #DarthVader #selfies #gpom" Damn, Darth even knows how to use hashtags. And you can't help but love the bodies strewn behind him. Doesn't look like he's too into filters either. And clearly he'd never get a white iPhone. And it's his first one, so we can forgive him for not using the front-facing camera. Damn, everything about this selfie is simply perfect. I never, ever thought I'd say that.


Already the Star Wars Instagram account has over 90,000 followers. They're not following anyone quite yet though ... maybe you'll be lucky enough to be the first! Whoever is behind the account has been kind enough to post a few other photos throughout the day:

star wars instagram

This one was captioned with: "Prepare for battle! #StarWars #BehindTheScenes #Latergram #Vadergram"


Then last but not least:

star wars instagram

Caption: "Colin Cantwell's Star Destroyer concept model for A New Hope. #StarWars #LucasfilmArchives"

Darth Vader selfies? Preparing for battle? Star Destroyer models?! This is every geek's dream, and it's fantastic that Star Wars is giving their fans what they so desperately want -- anything to hype up (as if it needed it) the new movie, Star Wars: Episode VII, which will hit theaters nationwide on December 18, 2015. Let's hope we get lots of Darth Vader (or even R2-D2?) selfies between now and then. Maybe his next one could be taken in the bathroom?

Do you think Darth Vader has the best selfie ever?


Images via starwars/Instagram

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