Bruce Jenner Spent Thanksgiving With Those Who Know Him Best

bruce and kris jennerIf you were picturing Bruce Jenner spending Thanksgiving alone with nothing but a defrosted Swanson's dinner and a sofa throw to keep him warm, worry not. Bruce was invited to the Kardashians' Thanksgiving feast. “Of course I’m going," Bruce told concerned friends. "It’s my family.” Aww! I love that even though Bruce and Kris are separated, they're still friendly enough to get together for holidays. I'm sure it means a lot to their kids to have them both there.

It's not a trick everyone can pull off. Thanksgiving with your ex? So soon after the breakup? Maybe you should invite a therapist, too. Or a referee. But this says so much about Kris and Bruce's relationship. I bet they'd gone platonic/besties long before they separated.


I think that's what makes the holiday-with-your-ex work, after all. If neither of you is feeling any great passion (positive or negative) for each other anymore, it's so much easier to just smile and get along. I had my ex-husband over for Thanksgiving this year. It's what our son wanted, and it would have felt weird to do otherwise, actually. Even though I no longer want to be married to him, he's still part of my family just like Bruce is part of the Kardashian family. It's just that he's moved to more of a Luke Skywalker kind of role. Know what I mean?

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Anyway, we wouldn't want Bruce to miss out on Khloe's "famous" macaroni and cheese, or Kris' "famous" lemon cake! Not to mention grandpa bonding time with Nori, Penelope, and Mason. I'm sure that all made up for his super-awkward kiss with Kris later on.

Do you think Kris and Bruce really got along well during Thanksgiving or were they just putting up a good front?


Image via Keeping Up With the Kardashians

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