First-Ever Portraits of Katy Perry & John Mayer Show How in Love They Are

Katy Perry and John Mayer are often pictured together in candid shots looking like the two lovebirds that they are, but we have yet to see how they hold up in front of a professional photographer -- until now. A real photo shoot could show us whether these two possess the kind of old-timey couple magic that made the world fall in love with Bogey and Bacall, Lucy and Desi, and -- okay fine, I'll update my references so that they're not from 100 years ago -- Angelina and Brad.

Even if you follow Katy or John's Instagram pages like they're part of your religion, you'll find few -- make that zero -- photos that really show off the couple and not just their backsides clad in stars and stripes (case in point, the above photo). But with the release of their new single, "Who You Love," these two can no longer hide. And why would they want to? Their first-ever series of portraits prove that they have classic beautiful couple potential and need to get married. Now. 


Famed photographer Mario Sorrenti shot Katy and John entirely in black-and-white and the results are phenomenal. Here's a peek:

Just stunning. John liked the photo so much, he posted it on his Instagram last night (FINALLY, a pic of the two) and wrote, "'Who You Love' is here. Proud of this song, proud of this artwork, proud of this girl." Awww.

Can you not picture these two hanging out on a lazy Sunday afternoon after brunch, strumming on a guitar and singing old country tunes just for the hell of it? More importantly, has anyone noticed how much Katy and John resemble gorgeous siblings? Okay, that sounds creepy. But what I mean is: they just look like they belong together -- like two pieces in the same puzzle.

Yep, you bet I'm totally crushing on them today. The rest of the portraits, which can be viewed exclusively on Vanity Fair's website, show Katy kicking one leg back in the air as John's kisses her neck (swoon), another even more intimate shot of the two in what appears to be mid-song, and my favorite -- one where Katy has one cozy-sweatered arm draped seductively around her man's chest. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, but if these could talk they'd just scream over and over again, "We love each other! We are getting married soon! We are going to have beautiful babies!"

If this is what they look like "hanging out at home," I can't even imagine the wedding photos. 

What do you think of these new portraits of Katy and John? Do you like them as a couple?


Images via katyperry/Instagram & iTunes

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