Robert Pattinson Is NOT the Sexiest Man of the Year Thanks to 'Superman'

Robert PattinsonUhhhh ... I'm not really sure how in the heck this happened, but somehow Henry Cavill was named Glamour UK's Sexiest Man of the Year -- beating out none other than Robert Pattinson.

Yep. Henry Cavill. As in Superman. As in the dude who didn't land Christian's role in Fifty Shades of Grey. As in -- how in the heck did he wind up taking out Rob?!? I mean ... Rob held the title for four years in a row, so what makes this year any different?

Before I go any farther, it's important to note that there are a few other choice hotties Henry managed to pull ahead of as well.


Liam Hemsworth, Harry Styles, Chris Hemsworth, and Ian Somerhalder all came in behind him too. (WTF?)

Back to Rob, who took the number two spot on the list. Um, who else thinks he totally got the shaft? Sure ... Henry is kind of hunky and has definitely perfected the clean-cut look -- but does that really make him sexier than Robert Pattinson?

Huh. I wonder what made Glamour boot him out of the top spot this year? Maybe they're appalled over the rumors that he's rekindling the flame with KStew. Or maybe they're simply not digging the facial hair he's been sporting these days. Or it could be that they figured they might as well give another dude a shot at the title since Rob's held it for the past four years.

Whatever the case -- something just seems so "off" about this whole deal. No offense to Henry, but he probably shouldn't let being Sexiest Man 2013 go to his head just yet. By the time 2014 rolls around, surely Glamour UK will come to their senses and pass the crown back over to Rob where it belongs.

Who do you think is sexier, Henry or Rob?


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