Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Are Definitely Headed to the Altar Now

ashton kutcher mila kunisSo how's this news for a loooooooooooong time coming ...? Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are officially divorced after TWO very long years. Wild! And, also, a reason it seems for the actor to celebrate with his not-so-new flame, Mila Kunis ... After all, the two have been rumored to be flirting with the idea of getting engaged for months now, and now that Ashton's divorce papers have been signed, sealed, delivered, and signed off on, there's nothing getting in the way of him putting a ring on it.

And "a business source" tells People that's precisely the plan! Apparently, Ashton is going to pop the question ASAP!


The source claims, "Ashton and Mila have talked about getting engaged and married for quite a while. He wants to get engaged during the holidays." Meanwhile, another friend of the actor's says, "Ashton's been waiting for his divorce to be over for a long time. He was annoyed it took so long. It was hanging over his head."

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I can imagine ... The 20-ish months he's reportedly been with Mila has probably felt like an eternity of waiting to get on with their future already! Not that I'm necessarily all that sympathetic to Ashton specifically. Given all the cheating rumors swirling around the end of his marriage to Demi, he came off like an immature jerk. But now that he seems legitimately happy, and Mila seems genuinely awesome and happy with him, and their story is basically a real-life rom com about falling for your BFF, how can we help but root for them?!

Can't wait to see the ring, the gown, the venue, their future lil' Jackies and/or mini Kelsos! I know I'm not alone in saying bring it on!

Are you rooting for Ashton and Mila? Do you think they'll get engaged soon?


Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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