Kristen Stewart's Teary Tantrum Wasn't Necessarily Robert Pattinson's Fault

kristen stewartJust days after reports that Kristen Stewart was planning on cooking up an English feast for Robert Pattinson on Thanksgiving, the actress surfaced on Black Friday, looking seriously shaken up. Although she apparently had a relaxed Turkey Day with family, she left her dad's house in Woodland Hills, California with apparent tears streaming down her face.

X17online reported that paparazzi were snapping pics while KStew made her way to her car. Some of Kristen’s friends and family members appeared to try to comfort her, but she was visibly inconsolable. And now reports are pointing the finger at Rob's absence as the source of Kristen's anguish. Because obviously, no one or nothing else could drive Kristen to tears, right? Pfft.


Hello, the holidays were MADE for getting all worked up over family drama. Rob was nowhere in sight, which, of course, could've been the reason she was upset, but it may have also meant he had nothing to do with whatever drove her to tears ... and perhaps she only wished he had been there as something of a buffer in the event of homefront dysfunction rearing its ugly head!

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That in itself is a huge case for wanting your S.O. by your side on the high-stress holidays. How often are we all confronted with crazy family members ... And how much better is it to have your spouse/partner by your side to protect you, comfort you, and help you defend yourself? Sure, it can mean you both have to contend with an extra helping of drama, but better to go through it together than have to cope with it on your own, eh?

That said, maybe KStew coulda really used a hand with her kooky loved ones ... and the fact that she was left to fly solo that day was the problem. Or maybe Rob's just a jerk who left her hanging with a load of British sherry trifle and jam roly-poly pudding to dig into on her own ... With these two, who knows?!

Why do you guess KStew was in tears on Black Friday?


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