Ashley Hebert & J.P. Rosenbaum's Honeymoon Is Definitely Over

jp and ashleyIt's official! After having an incredibly romantic wedding where they could barely wait for the cue to kiss the bride before they locked lips, Ashley Herbert and J.P. Rosenbaum have taken their marriage to the one-year mark! Congrats, you two! I hope they fed each other that top tier of the wedding cake for luck and danced again to that first dance song -- Elvis' "Fools Rush In." Clearly these "fools" are anything but. They knew what they were doing when they said their "I do"s.

And true to their sugary sweet way of expressing their love for one another, J.P. took to the Twittersphere to say Happy Anniversary in a way that would make any girl swoon. But this means the honeymoon is over.


Awww, J.P.! I knew I always liked you for a reason! I want to see statements of love like this every year forevermore from this guy because I'm rooting for L-O-V-E love for these two, always. They are the new Trista and Ryan. They have all the makings to making it last and last and last, giving the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows some credibility. Love can happen on TV. Sometimes it doesn't last, but such is life. Sometimes it works and it's amazing and beautiful and unexpected. And we cheer and our cups overflowth with the pure happy.

Cheesy? Maybe. I'm still a huge sucker for a love story. And this is a real deal one.

So since they made it to one year, this means the honeymoon period is over. What I think this means for the couple is that they are going to start seriously talking about really changing what it means to be a couple. You know what I'm hinting at here, right? Right. BABIES! There has been speculation that Ashley is pregnant, and I'm going to guess that if she isn't already, these two are hard at work trying to make a baby ... if not they sure are practicing.

Happy anniversary!

Do you think these two will last and last?


Image via JP Rosenbaum/Twitter

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