Kate Middleton's Hot New Designer Wardrobe Is Already in the Works

kate middleton white outfit gardens by the bay singaporeAs if it hasn't already been a big year for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is now turning her attention to planning her long tour of Australia with Prince William and little Prince George. While tending to issues like child care for George is of course of the utmost importance, the Duchess has also been busy planning something enviably fun: Her travel wardrobe!

The Mirror reports that Kate has been spending time in the drawing room of her apartment at Kensington Palace looking at options from her favorite design houses, including Alexander McQueen, which, as you may recall, was behind her famous wedding gown. The paper also points out that this culling of couture is serious business ... After all, Princess Diana took 200 outfits with her when she went on a similar six-week tour of Australia with Charles and William.


Not that Kate necessarily needs all new threads, but there is a case here for her to go shopping! As a source notes, “Kate likes to recycle her favorite dresses whenever she can, but knows the eyes of the world will be on her and wants to make sure she looks picture perfect for every engagement.”

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It's admirable that she wants to do as much recycling as she can, but this is her big chance to wrack up some amazing new pieces. Perhaps she could re-wear them later on, once she's back in the U.K.

After all, going on a big, important trip is a chance to have fun with your style, get out of your comfort zone, go bold or simply mix it up, etc., and Kate definitely seemed to do that on previous trips. (Remember this cowgirl get-up in Canada?) I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what Kate ends up doing. Especially if her new stylist -- who is said to be steering the Duchess away from the neutral palette and toward more "quirky," colorful, vintage, patterned styles -- has anything to say about it!

Whether that ends up being the case or not, one thing's for sure: Whatever Kate does choose to wear on this trip is bound to set trends for months if not years to come.

What kinds of new outfits would you predict we'll see on Kate in Australia?

Image via James Whatling/Corbis

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