Jamie Dornan's 6 Angriest Looks Will Convince You He's Totally Christian (PHOTOS)

Kiri Blakeley | Dec 2, 2013 Celebrities

Jamie DornanFifty Shades of Grey has finally started filming -- and those new pics of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in character might finally put to rest some of the kvetching about their casting. In the paparazzi shots of them filming at a coffee shop, Jamie has cleaned up with a suit and is looking fiercely into Dakota Johnson's eyes -- and she is looking convincingly innocent and wary. Many doubt Jamie's ability to embody Christian's special brand of bossy alpha male, but here are some more photos that prove he can appear perfectly capable of smacking around a virgin.

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  • Grumpy Morning After Christian


    Ian Gavan/Getty

    "I don't make love ... I f**k hard. I don't care about my hair in the morning. F**k my hair!"

  • Don't Mess With My Woman Christian


    LEON NEAL/Getty

    "I want you, and the thought of anyone else having you is a knife twisting in my dark soul. I don't care that he's taking your order. It's killing me to hear you ask for food!"

  • Movember Christian


    Tim Whitby/Getty

    "I'm going to rub this scratchy beard hard over your juicy p***y until you scream in lustful agony. I hate Movember!"

  • Christian Unhappy Hair


    Fred Duval/Getty

    "I am 50 shades of f**ked up with this bowl cut! That hairdresser will pay!"

  • Christian 'Indiana Jones' Grey


    Craig Sjodin/ABC/Getty

    "I want you sore, baby. And I've got the whip to do the job. I'll find that Ark too. And then I'll stuff you in it."

  • Sunburned Christian


    Dave Hogan/Getty

    "I'll spank the living shit out of you for forgetting to remind me to wear SPF."

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