'True Blood' Season 7 Spoiler: Bill & Eric Get It On?!

bill sookie ericAs if you weren't already ridiculously excited for the (still months away) premiere of True Blood season 7! Stephen Moyer, a.k.a. Bill Compton, recently spilled some pretty HOT beans about one of his -- and Alexander Skarsgard's -- fondest wishes for the series: A sex scene between Bill and Eric Northman. And you thought that full frontal in the snow scene was steamy!! (Ha! Get it?? Steamy?! Sorry, couldn't stop myself.) 

That's right: According to Moyer, both he and Skarsgard (who happens to be notoriously comfortable with all types of nudity/sexuality) have been trying to convince top True Blood brass that a little male vamp on male vamp action is exactly what bloodthirsty Trubies want and need in their lives ... but the idea has been a tough sell, thus far:


Alex (Skarsgard) and I have been pushing for an Eric-Bill love scene for a long time, but they always said no. But our dream would be for my football team, West Ham United, to play his Swedish team, and would end up in some match-up that Bill and Eric happen to be able to get to. 

WHY, WHY WHY have they "always said no"?! Are they nuts?!?! Can you say, "ratings through the roof"?!?!?! Seriously. Whoever's in charge of plot development really needs to re-think this one. Or maybe they've just been holding off on a Bill/Eric sex scene until the last season? Cause that would be understandable, and in that case, we won't have to wait too much longer. Personally, I'm not a huge sports fan, so I don't give two fangs whether or not the hook-up happens at a football game -- just as long as it happens. I mean, think about it: The show is known for its highly sexualized content, and so far, there hasn't been much in the way of gay sex (besides Tara and Pam's budding romance and Lafayette's love life). Throwing Bill and Eric into the mix makes perfect sense: Everybody, regardless of gender, wants to see them naked, so everybody wins!

Do you think there should be a Bill and Eric sex scene on True Blood season 7?


Image via Love_Boys/Flickr

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