Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici to Be Married by Very Special Guest

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Damn. Who else was all excited about the possibility of Chris Harrison serving as the officiant for Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's TV wedding next month? (Next. Month. OMG!)

It seemed kind of fitting for him to be the one to officially make these two husband and wife since he "introduced" them and all -- but it turns out they have someone a little more important in mind to take on the job.

Sean's father, Jay Lowe, will be conducting the wedding ceremony, as Sean told Life & Style.

(He's an ordained minister, so he's totally legit.)


Sean said, "I can’t think of a more godly man to conduct the ceremony. My dad has had such a powerful and positive influence on my life, I thought it was only fitting to have him officiate our wedding."

How cool is that? Sean is such a family man, and he also has a very strong faith. What better way to kick off the next big phase of his life than by having the man who raised him be the one to turn him into a married dude?

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And as far as Catherine is concerned, I can't imagine how honored she must feel to have Jay officiate. Remember all that hoopla about Sean's family not liking Catherine that went down a couple months ago? Well, if there was the slightest bit of doubt on her part about whether or not they adore her, Sean's dad marrying the couple will shoot it down for sure. You can't really give someone a bigger blessing or show your acceptance than actually pronouncing them husband and wife, right?

But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious about whether or not Jay is willing to do this gig free of charge. I'm sure ABC would've had to fork out a decent amount of cash if someone other than a family member officiated, so shouldn't he get some sort of compensation too?

Nah, you're probably right. Jay is such a decent guy, he'd probably be offended if they offered him a paycheck. 

Would you want your father to officiate your wedding?


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