Former Spice Girl Has Better Things to Do Than a Reunion Tour (VIDEO)

Whether you love or hate band reunion tours, you've got to admit they're proving to be a cash cow for '80s/'90s/early '00s boy bands. The New Kids on the Block proved they still work out AND can make boatloads of money when they recently toured. Boys II Men and 98 Degrees relived the dream this past summer. And even 'N Sync is talking about a reunion. So why shouldn't our favorite girl band cash in on the reunion trend? 

That's right, I'm talking about the Spice Girls. Sure, they were as light and airy as key lime pie, but they were FUN, and tons of women who were tweens and teens at the time would gobble up tix if they reunited. A 20th anniversary reunion tour is on the minds of many, but there's one former Spice Girl who doesn't "Wannabe" part of the action. 


No shocker here, but the gal holding up the reunion is Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice! According to reports, Mel B. (Scary Spice) is the driving force behind this project and is trying to sway the other women to climb on board. While Victoria is open to making a documentary about the girls' unexpected rise to fame, she's refusing to commit to tour dates.

Seriously, who could blame her? She hasn't recorded music in a long time and is now a major player in the fashion industry. I've never had to design an entire spring or fall collection, of course, but have you guys seen Unzipped? It takes lots of time and cigarettes and sweat to make runway magic. And her clothing line is coveted by other celebs. She clearly hit the jackpot with her post-singing profession.

AND she has four children. With David Beckham. Would you be excited to leave that home any time soon? Because I wouldn't.  

Aside from her other commitments, maybe Victoria just finds something a little sad about revisiting the past when she has such a prolific present career and home life. As much as I love to see how beautiful a man Donnie Wahlberg has become, they will never be the New Kids on the Block again because I am no longer 13. Their magic existed in my head. 

The Spice Girls were awesomely bad and beyond entertaining, but let's face it: if we were paying any attention at the time, we could have predicted from this early music video for "Wannabe" that Posh was going to give the other girls a bitch of a time about a reunion. I mean, look at her face in this vid. She's already so over it.

What do you think of a Spice Girls reunion? Should Posh get on board?


Images via YouTube/VictoriaBeckham/Instagram

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