Justin Bieber's Latest Horrific Mess Is the Last Thing He Needs (VIDEO)

justin bieber graffiti

Uh-oh. The mayor of the City of Gold Coast in Australia is ordering Justin Bieber to clean up the graffiti he sprayed on the walls of a hotel near Brisbane on Tuesday.

And if you're thinking this story sounds familiar, you're not imagining things. Just two weeks ago, the Biebs vandalized a hotel in Brazil with a spray paint creation -- so it's probably safe to assume this is becoming a regular thing for him.

Back to the Australian mayor who is less than thrilled with Justin's "work of art." He's not only expecting the mess of a paint job to be removed from the hotel -- he even brought a cleaning kit to the place to be delivered up to Justin's room.


Don't ya love it? He wants the Biebs to scrub down the walls himself. Check out this video to hear more.

What a cool dude! (The mayor ... not Bieber.)

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And aren't you loving this tweet he sent to Justin after learning that he'd already skipped town?

HA! Talk about humiliating. But this could be a golden opportunity for Justin. Can I get a show of hands as to who thinks he might be able to redeem his scarred reputation (a little) if he heads back to the hotel to spruce things up? If nothing else, it would show that he has a small shred of maturity left.

Even though the hotel says he had permission to spray the graffiti -- it couldn't hurt for the Biebs to attempt to make amends.

(If nothing else, maybe he can squeeze in one more strip club visit while he's back in town.)

Do you think Justin should be forced to clean up his mess?


Image via NBC News

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