Kanye West Truly Believes North West Is as Royal as Prince George

North West

OMG, you guys ... he's even more conceited than we ever could've imagined. Kanye West is comparing North West to British royalty -- even going so far as to say she's on the same level with Kate Middleton and Prince William and Prince George. No joke.

In an interview on the radio program, The Breakfast Show, Kanye said of his baby girl, "She in a position of a level of royalty like the prince and the princess out in London."

Royalty? For reals? And by "prince and princess," does he mean Kate and William or Kate and baby George? (He has to be referring to the baby ... right?)


I'm not faulting him for thinking of his daughter as his little princess -- because pretty much every parent feels that way about their kid. But to actually claim that Nori and Prince George are cut from the same cloth -- and firmly believe that it's true? It just seems like a bit of a bold statement, even for Kanye.

Sure ... Kanye and Kim are super-rich and super-famous -- but they don't exactly have royal blood pumping through their veins. (Far from it, in fact.)

And while their offspring is definitely one of the most adorable little celebrity cherubs we've ever seen -- we just can't belittle Prince George by agreeing that the two babies are on an equal playing field. I mean ... he's Kate and Wills' kid, for crying out loud -- and you really can't get much more royal than that. (Even if you're half Kardashian.)

Sorry Kanye. Nori is an absolute doll -- but you need to get your head out of the clouds.

Do you think Kanye is out of his mind?


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