Kim Kardashian's 'Selfie' Video Is a Seriously Desperate Cry for Attention

Kim Kardashian Brittny Gastineau

If you've ever wanted to know how to make your Instagram account totally blow up in terms of followers -- you might want to think about following Kim Kardashian's tips for the perfect selfie. If anyone knows how to successfully take a picture of herself, it's Kim ... right?

Kim and her pal Brittny Gastineau made this video for Extra TV demonstrating how to snap the idea selfie -- but the step-by-step instructions are no match for Kim's derogatory comment about her own appearance. (Girl apparently has some serious self-esteem issues.)


Take a look.


OMG. Can you believe she actually went so far as to say she looks "disgusting?"

She looks anything but hideous -- and honestly, the comment makes her sound kind of hypocritical. The sole purpose of taking a selfie is to show off and brag about how amazeballs you look -- so you have to believe you're sort of a hot ticket to post one in the first place.

By saying she looks disgusting, Kim is either a.) begging for people to tell her otherwise (a trap I obviously fell right into,) or b.) she's not quite as confident about how she looks after having a kid as we thought.

Either way, Kim is clearly seeking all the attention she can get these days. Unfortunately, some of it is turning out to be more on the negative side than positive.

Are you surprised by Kim's comment about her appearance?


Image via extratv/YouTube

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