Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Divorce Finalized Just In Time for Someone to Get a Sparkly Gift

ashton demiThere were a lot of hold-ups in the divorce of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. They were married in 2005, separated in 2011, and filed for divorce in December 2012. Then in March of this year, Demi wanted spousal support from Ashton and the process got a little more complicated. Fighting over money -- so Hollywood. And just about the whole time after the break-up, Ashton's been dating Mila Kunis. Hmmm... dating while still technically married seems so taboo. But when it's over, it's over I guess. 

As I'm learning divorce isn't something that just happens overnight. Even in the seemingly instant world of Hollyweird. I can't help but note the timing of this finalizing of the divorce. It's finally over -- no more Ashton and Demi -- papers and signed and sealed, gavel is down. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Miiiiiiila!


Ashton and Mila have reportedly been talking about marriage for months and months and months. When it's real, it's real. Right? It's not like these two didn't know each other and just starting learning all about each other's quirks -- they've been "friends" forever (in Hollywood years). Maybe they are just finally getting real with their feelings for each other after years of longing and loving from afar. How blockbuster rom-com movie material is that?

And just in time for the holidays, Ashton is officially no longer married. Which means he can marry Mila. Which means we may see a diamond sparkler on Mila's finger by year's end.

I have mixed feelings about all of this. On one hand, Ashton deserves to be happy. To move on. Demi deserves that as well. It's just hard to see Ashton and Mila move on so happy after the hardship of divorce, and the pain Demi has seemingly gone through. Still, I'm seeing it through the Hollywood lens -- who knows what really real. Healing ... takes a lot of time. I wish everyone the best.

Do you think Ashton and Mila will be engaged soon now that his divorce is final?

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