Prince George Forces William & Kate to Change Royal Christmas Tradition

kate middletonWord on the street is, Kate Middleton and Prince William are a wee bit more excited about Christmas this year. And you can probably guess why, right? Because they've got a bouncing bundle o' joy to celebrate with this time 'round! It's a proven fact that holidays are exponentially more fun when little ones are a part of the festivities. Even if you normally celebrate in a castle surrounded by a moat filled with angry alligators waiting to take a swipe at the first trespasser who comes there way.


According to reports, the Duke and Duchess will be spending Christmas at Sandringham House in Norfolk, England, with about 30 people, including Kate's parents, Michael and Carole. The couple is said to be extra "excited" this year since Prince George, who'll be about five months, is around for everyone to coo over. Also, random fun fact: Apparently the royals all get each other weird gag gifts every year -- "the cheaper and quirkier, the better" -- as opposed to lavish gifts. I like that. It's nice that the focus of Christmas for them is fun, as opposed to spending money. It's a sweet thing for Prince George to grow up with.

But back to having a baby around the holidays. It really is like hitting the reset button. Suddenly, the holidays become magical again. Even though you're not the person who believes in Santa, he's in the air again. Baking cookies becomes a special, memory-making to-do. And it's fun to come up with your own holiday traditions that are different from the ones you grew up with. And there's nothing like having a baby around for his very first Christmas.

William and Kate will surely enjoy their holiday a little more than usual this year. As will everyone with a new baby -- even if they're just celebrating in, you know, a regular house.

Do you find the holidays more special with children? What do you think the Duke and Duchess will gift their son with?


Image via Carmen Rodriguez/Flickr

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