Scary Snowman Pranks Passersby & Gets Craziest Reactions (VIDEO)

snowman prankI'm generally not a fan of pranks. No thanks. Not cool. But if a prank involves an evil looking snowman hanging out on a busy sidewalk just looking to do a little boo-scaring to those passing by, I'm down. Sort of harmless. It's scary and funny.

It's actually season 4 of the "Freaky the Scary Snowman Prank" and for this year's first installment, the ice man went to Boston. The reactions? Wicked good.


There are a heck of a lot of expletives. I actually heard one that I said in front of my kids when part of the inside of the fridge door came off making the ketchup bottle explode all over the floor. It's NOT at all funny when your 4-year-old repeats that.

I love that the biggest looking guy kind of turned into a huge softie when he got a little rattled by the snowman. I mean, he does look evil. Those passing by had to know he was up to no good. Okay, maybe not. I would have fell for it ... and probably jumped as high as two of the ladies in the video. Those jumps were epic. I'm also glad the lady who was babywearing didn't get too freaked out. That could have ended badly. And I'm happy he was kind of chill when the people pushing the baby stroller by him. No need to make babies cry. Never a good idea.

Clearly the cops are enjoying this as well, giggling on the job. Hey, are they allowed to do that? (Kidding. Jolly holiday to all!) Surprisingly, no one got angry and punched out ole snowman ... yet. The season has just begun.

What do you think of this prank? What would you do if you were pranked like this?

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