Miley Cyrus Celebrates Her 21st Birthday With These 21 Crazy Things (VIDEO)

miley cyrus 21st birthday partyThere's Miley Cyrus news I've been wanting to tell you all about, but Monday was Miley at the AMA Awards With a Giant Singing Kitten Day, so it had to wait. Now we are ready: Miley Cyrus done had her 21st birthday party, and we got details. Oh yeah! Love her, hate her, still not sure who we're talking about, you're gonna want to hear all about it. Because it was wild and -- should I say wonderful? I think that depends on your definition of wonderful. But anyway, here are 21 crazy details about Miley Cyrus' birthday bash. Consider it the updated version of "The 12 Days of Christmas." Sing along, won't you?


"On my 21st birthday, my true love gave to me ..."

1. Beacher's Madhouse -- Miley rented the theater for her bash following the AMA awards show.

2. A "mini Miley" -- I'm assuming they mean a little person costumed like Miley.

3. Dancing pandas.

4. Twerking ladies who can also do the splits.

5. A $25,000 teepee erected (tee hee) in Miley's backyard.

6. Miley-inspired cocktails.

7. Miley-shaped birthday cake.

8. ... With pot leaves covering her lady parts, by the way.

9. One Direction's Liam Payne.

10. DJ Calvin Harris, who is Scottish, so, you know. Whatever that implies.

11. Flying dwarf who nearly landed on Harris, were it not for Payne's quick thinking. According to Twitter.

12. Kelly Osborne.

13. Wiz Khalifa.

14. Amber Rose.

15. Billy Ray Cyrus.

16. A three-wheeled motorbike with Miley's initials stenciled on the front.

17. Robbers who stole $100,000 worth of Miley's jewelry and bags.

18. Strippers. 'Course.

19. The Lorax.

20. Party hats.

21. Booze.

Do you think you would have enjoyed Miley Cyrus' birthday celebration, or does it sound like too much for you?


Image via TMZ

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