'The Canyons' Director Slams Lindsay Lohan for His Movie's Failure (VIDEO)

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Ever notice how when a celeb starts screwing up -- or continually screws up for a period of several years -- people start blaming them for EVERYTHING? Like, just because a person shows up late on set a few (dozen) times or goes to rehab or shoplifts doesn't necessarily make them responsible for all the world's problems, sheesh. Such is the case with Lindsay Lohan. Sure, the star has made her share fair of mistakes (who hasn't??), but that's no reason to point fingers at her for stuff that isn't even her fault. Unfortunately, that's exactly what best-selling author Bret Easton Ellis is attempting to do. He's apparently a wee bit disappointed in how his film The Canyons did at the box office (really, really badly, in case you didn't know), and he's found the perfect scapegoat in our gal LiLo.


Ellis recently went on record to say exactly why he thinks The Canyons flopped, and while he doesn't think Lohan did a bad job, he's still certain her involvement doomed the flick:

I think where we went wrong was with the casting of Lindsay Lohan. Now I don’t mean she wasn’t good in it, she was very good in the movie. I mean that suddenly The Canyons has become the Lindsay Lohan film ... Lindsay’s reputation follows her everywhere. And the moment that we cast Lindsay Lohan, the movie became something else. It stopped becoming the DIY movie that could make it into part of the trainwreck of the Lindsay Lohan narrative. And we thought the movie was ultimately going to step out of that shadow, that it was going to speak for itself and that people would be more interested in how we made this movie ... But we didn’t. We didn’t step out of the Lindsay Lohan shadow, and it did affect the way the movie was perceived. 

Um, really dude? On the one hand, he has a point -- LiLo's reputation does indeed precede her, and it would be difficult for any project to "step out of the Lindsay Lohan shadow," as he put it. That said, if not for Lohan's starring role, I'm not entirely certain The Canyons would've gotten any attention, good or bad. Full confession: I haven't watched the entire movie, only clips -- but that's because what I saw of the movie, quite frankly, sucked. Lindsay's presence was the film's only saving grace, as far as I can tell. Either way, the way Ellis is calling LiLo out over the movie's lack of success, at this point, comes off as petty and self-serving. I don't hear Lohan complaining about his crappy screenplay, do you?

Check out this clip and tell me what you think ...

Is it fair for Bret Easton Ellis to say The Canyons failed because of Lindsay Lohan? 

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