Ben Flajnik & Kris Jenner's Latest Spotting Has Ben Scrambling for Reasons

ben flajnikBen Flajnik seems like such a sweetheart. I've thought so since I first laid my chocolate brown eyes on him during The Bachelorette. Then he was The Bachelor and we learned a little bit more about him and his wine making and, well, what's not to love? Don't ask Courtney Robinson or Ashley Hebert that question. But you can ask Kris Jenner. SOMETHING is going on with these two though they continue to be coy and try to make it seem like they're not doing anything wild and crazy and headline-worthy like the rest of the Kardashians or Bachelors.

No, Ben and Kris just went to a Kanye West concert together and Kris has been spotted hanging out in Sonoma at Ben's vineyard and vacationing in Mexico. Recently Ben was spotted driving Kris' car. A Bentley. You just don't go lending your $100,000 (or more) car to people. But did he rev her engine? This is what we need to know! This is what sweet lil Ben says is happening.


He's maintaining that it's no biggie and he was in Los Angeles without a car so Kris let him drive hers. Guess he never heard of car rental. It's a little more convenient since you can pick up the wheels right at the airport. I guess Kris picked him up at LAX? Then he had to drive her back home so he could use her wheels. Nope. Ben is saying Kris wasn't even around. Hmm. How did he get the car then? Hired help, maybe? Ah, it seems it was an assistant. Ben got some kind of ride to Kris' home and the assistant opened the garage and told Ben to pick a car, any car. Bentley, thank you. Wow. See what an appearance on a reality show can get you? Bentley access!

"We have some really great things in the works, and this is frustrating because it's not the light I wanted shed on our projects," Ben is also saying. "Projects" huh? I'm intrigued. "She's a beautiful, smart woman," he went on about Kris. "But we're friends. We talked this morning and she said, 'Hey, don't worry.' She understands why I'm upset and uncomfortable with [the reports]. She deals with this kind of thing on a daily basis, and I've worked really hard to stay away from this kind of image." Aww, like a mama hen, protecting Ben.

I can't feel too bad for this guy. The "image" he's worried about isn't a bad one. People love you, Ben! You're cute and sweet and you survived Courtney! You are so not anything like Brad Womack. You, Ben, you're golden. And it doesn't matter if you are having a little love with Kris. We're just all intrigued. You're a reality star -- these things happen when you put yourself in the spotlight. I love how he's downplaying it. He just needed a car. It's just a some projects. Waiting for their next move.

What do you think is going on with Ben and Kris? What's up with the lending of the Bentley?


Image via heyphillydotcom/Flickr

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