Emily Maynard's Finally in a 'Very Serious' Relationship

emily maynard photo instagramEver since former Bachelor winner-turned-Bachelorette Emily Maynard split up with her most recent fiance Jef Holm, her fans and foes have both been wondering when the single mom would end up giving romance -- and maybe even marriage? -- another shot. She's been pretty darn tight-lipped about dating in general, spilling bits and pieces about a special someone here and there, but now, some rather believable info about her love life has leaked ... 

A Bachelorette insider told E! News that Emily and her current boyfriend Tyler Johnson met in church, and apparently, the pair is "very serious." Aww! How exciting!


The source also dished that Tyler -- who works for the Automotive Development Group in Charlotte, NC and also lists philanthropy and humanitarian efforts under his interests on LinkedIn, according to Zap2It.com -- has "met her daughter, Ricki, and they're already like a little family unit. They take each other to weddings and other functions and will definitely be spending the holidays together." Love it! Good for them!

Still, Emily's reportedly not quite ready to come out with her new relationship. Well, after endured two heartbreaking splits -- in front of the entire world, no less! -- I could understand why she would be super gun-shy about going public with Tyler ... Not to mention letting him put a ring on it again!

The source cites her "two public, broken engagements" as the reason Emily is "definitely going to hold off on getting engaged again until they are very, very sure and very close to marriage." (Uh, well, that's sort of the point of getting engaged, right? But I digress ...) At any rate, taking a measured, pragmatic, and private approach makes perfect sense. I wouldn't doubt Emily's nearest and dearest most definitely understand, and really, in the end, all that matters is that she does what's right and what makes her and Ricki truly happy.

Do you think Tyler could be the one for Emily? Do you agree it's smart for them to hold off on going public and getting engaged?


Image via Emily Maynard/Instagram

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