Parody of Kim Kardashian's 'Bound 2’ Video Is Sexier Than the Original (VIDEO)

bound 3I had many questions upon first viewing Kanye West's video for "Bound 2." For example, is Kanye joking with that inspirational calendar stock photography? How are they making Kim Kardashian's boobs defy gravity like that? Where did her nipples go? And is this just a rip-off of Jeff Koons' "Made in Heaven" painting series? (Come on, that is EXACTLY what you were thinking, too, right?) As for James Franco and Seth Rogen, when they saw "Bound 2" they thought one thing: Parody video. Yes dear readers, the must-see viral video of the day is Franco and Rogen's "Bound 3."

I'll say what you're always supposed to say in situations like this: Stop what you are doing right now and watch this.


Franco and Rogen spoofed Kanye's video exactly, shot by shot. The best part? Rogen plays the role of Kim -- topless. Now if you're like me, you probably woke up this morning thinking,  "It's Monday, I sure hope I get to see James Franco make out with a shirtless, hairy Seth Rogan atop a motorcycle at some point today because that would be an excellent start to my week." Lucky you! That is a thing you will get to see today.

bound 3

Jesus wept.

And by "make out" I do mean open-mouthed kissing. Deeply soulful kissing. I hope you're not uncomfortable with that kind of thing. Actually, what I'm more uncomfortable with is how turned on I am at the sight of James Franco kissing Seth Rogan. What are these feelings I'm feeling?

bound 3

Anyway, Kanye has said that his work is about "clearing a path for people to dream properly." And I love that idea, I really do. I love Kanye, and his weird vision, and whatever the hell he's doing. I just want to be clear on that before I state the obvious: Seth and James' parody video sent clownish laugh tears running down my face. I mean...

bound 3

Uh-huh, honey.

Which version of the video do you like better, this one or the original? Please explain why.


Image via Sherley Mondragon/YouTube


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