Jenelle Evans' Man Turns Up the Heat on Their Relationship

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Instagrammed a short video over the weekend of her and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith doing something not many couples do would even think to do, let alone tape. No, not that! Get your minds out of the gutter.

Nathan was blow-drying Jenelle’s hair for her. She said that she told him she’d go out to eat with him if he did her hair for her.


So let me get this straight? She got her man to do her hair so he could take her out to eat? That guy just might be a keeper, which is good, since apparently they’re house hunting.

Just one word of advice for Ms. Jenelle -- make sure you’re giving as good as you get. If you have a man that will stand there and do your hair and make you feel like a princess, then you need to make him feel like a prince in return. That’s what makes a good partnership -- each person doing his or her best to build the other one up.

Jenelle seems really happy of late, and like she’s finally turned a corner on her reckless behavior … could Nathan be the reason?

Has your man ever done your hair for you?

Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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