Clint Eastwood’s Daughter’s Marriage Lasts Only 1 Week

If you heard the news that Clint Eastwood's beautiful blonde daughter, Francesca, married Jonah Hill's brother, Jordan Feldstein, last week, you were probably all like, "Huh? What? Whyyy??" Well, it turns out you weren't the only one thinking that. In fact the bride herself, Francesca, has been having those exact thoughts too. She's filing for an annulment a week after saying her I Do's at a cheesy Las Vegas wedding complete with Elvis Presley impersonator. Gee, this didn't work for Britney Spears and Jason Allen Alexander, so I'm not sure why Francesca thought it would for her. Oh, but wait, turns out she wasn't thinking at all ...


TMZ reports that Francesca has filed for an annulment and that the wedding was some kind of alcohol-fueled evening gone horribly awry. Oh right, just like Britney's!

When word got out that Francesca, who starred in the brief-lived reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Co. also starring Clint's ex-wife, Dina, married Jonah Hill's bro, Jordan, everyone was like, Jonah Hill has a brother? And why is Clint Eastwood's daughter marrying him? I'm not going to knock Francesa's taste in men or anything -- but this Jordan doesn't look like the type of guy that a pretty young blonde member of Hollywood royalty would suddenly marry out of the blue. Maybe he has the most amazing personality on the planet.

Well, we can add this marriage, which lasted approximately seven days, to the roster of short-lived celeb marriages. This one actually seems rather long compared to Britney and Jason's, which only lasted 55 hours.

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Thank goodness celebrities can drunkenly get hitched at a Vegas wedding chapel, or the sacredness of the marital institution would be in question!

To think that there are millions of dedicated and loving homosexual couples out there who have been with each other for years and years, through whatever travails any long-term relationship inevitably encounters, and they can't get married. But pretty much any two drunk idiotic heterosexual couple can. Yay marriage.

Do you think marriages like this undermine the institution more than homosexual marriage?


Image via Francesca Eastwood/Instagram

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