LeAnn Rimes Tries to Take the High Road for Once & Gets Attacked

leann rimesI'm no card-carrying member of the LeAnn Rimes fan club. In fact, full disclosure, I actually find her rather irritating. But I'm not so sure how I feel about the latest attack on her, courtesy of her ex-husband, Dean Sheremet. Seems a little out of left field.

Here's what happened:


An anonymous tweeter tweeted a photo to LeAnn of she and Dean years ago when they were still married, along with the following caption:

The pic definitely isn't a flattering one of LeAnn, so she tweeted back, "Hahahaha, I'm gonna choose to laugh at this." To which Dean then tweeted, "Laugh away -- who's the bully now?" And he then added this gem:

Like I said, I wouldn't exactly call myself a LeAnn fan, but ... I sort of got the impression that her "hahahaha, I'm gonna choose to laugh at this" was her way of taking the high road and ignoring the tweet. I got the impression she was more talking about  the "chubby" part -- especially since she's the only person in the photo.

After Dean's tweet, LeAnn wrote to her followers, "Sad that [Dean's] a part of it. No, he's not gay, and there's nothing wrong it. I have always & will always support the community."

Since then, all has remained quiet on the Twitter war front, but I wouldn't be surprised if somehow Brandi Glanville inserted herself into the situation at some point. Because if a LeAnn Rimes Twitter fight happens and Brandi isn't involved ... did it really happen at all?

Do you think LeAnn was wrong to tweet what she did?


Image via LeAnn Rimes/Twitter

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