Miley Cyrus & the Giant Singing Kitten: The 'Real' Story (VIDEO)

miley cyrus and catsRUN MILEY RUN!! There's a big-ass kitten right behind you and uh-oh, he sure do look hungry!!! (Also, that neon green spiderweb makes me think he might be some type of alien kitten-arachnid hybrid-bot, which makes him even scarier than those sparkly tears he cries.) Miley, why aren't you running away???

Um, yeah. So, what you're looking at here is not, in fact, a still from the most effed up cat food commercial in history -- for those of you who may have missed it, Miley Cyrus was upstaged while singing "Wrecking Ball" at the American Music Awards by a ginormous lip-syncing kitten. Because ... well, because ... um. Truth is, we may never know how or why this happened, but it happened ... and oh, how I wish I could've been a fly on the wall during that briainstorming session! 


I mean, can you even imagine?! A bunch of AMA suits sitting around a big round table, waiting for Miley to show up ... they've all got their story boards and Powerpoint presentations ready to go, all filled with great ideas about how to make Miley's performance THE performance of the year (besides her OTHER performance of the year, obvs). And then ... Miley walks in. Like I said, we'll likely never know the REAL real story behind Miley's Meow Mix Moment, but I bet it goes a little something like this:

Miley: Hey y'all, whassup??

AMA guy: Miley, we're so happy you could join us today! Of course, we were expecting you several hours ago, but ... er, never mind about that. We've got some real top-notch ideas to talk to you about, as you'll see when we pull up this --

Miley: Oh, yeah, you don't have to bother with that presentation crap. I totally had a vision, y'all. You ready for this? Giant lip-syncing kitten. With glitter tears. And crazy spiderwebs and explosions and stuff in the background! Oh, and I'm totally gonna rock me some cat underwear. Or should I say cat "underwears"? It's funny when people say underwears, right?

AMA guy: Uh, well, yes, that's very funny ... can you put that joint down a second, Miley?

Miley: (Inhales deeply) You guys, this is gonna be the best. Who doesn't love kittens? And my kitten's gonna be so big, it's gonna freak people the freak out!!! OOOOH, I'M A BIG SCARY KITTEN, I'M GONNA GIT YOU (commences crawling around on the table, meowing loudly)

AMA guy: (Opens bottle of ibuprofen, tosses several back) You know what? Sure. Sounds good, Miley. Giant kitten. Awesome.


Okay, maybe it didn't really happen that way. But how in the hell DID this get greenlighted, then? Just watch:


How do you think Miley Cyrus came up with the giant kitten idea?

Image via American Music Awards/YouTube

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