Kristen Stewart Is 'Patient' With Rob While He Hides Their Relationship

kristen stewart robert pattinsonKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are at a bit of a crossroads. See, Kristen wants to shout their relationship from the rooftops, while Rob just isn't ready for that shit. Even though the two are reportedly back together, dude wants to proceed with caution. Slow his roll. He doesn't want the press and his fans and everyone in the universe knowing exactly what's going on with them. So just chill, Kristy, okay?

Actually, Kristen supposedly has been chill lately. Even though she wants to come clean with their relationship to the world, she's being "patient with Rob's emotional needs." Well, in her own KStew way. A conversation between Rob and Kristen was recently recorded, and what do you know? The Stir got a hold of it. Check it out.


Rob and Kristen are watching TV. After a long beat ...

Kristen: You know what I think is so cool? When couples don't hide their relationship. When they just ... come out in public with what's going on. It's kind of bad ass, don't you think?

Rob takes a long swig from his beer. Silence.

Kristen: I mean, hiding things is kind of exhausting, right? Always having to cover your tracks, your whereabouts, etc. Going public with a relationship just seems more like an act of convenience, you know? Imagine Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were still hiding their relationship?

Rob closes his eyes and rubs the bridge of his nose. Kristen stares at Rob nervously, then:

Kristen: Do you think Brad Pitt is a good actor?

Rob moves his hands to his temples and begins to massage them.

Kristen: I do. Although, not gonna lie, kinda thought he phoned it in on that last Ocean's movie.

Rob begins massaging his head out of frustration, exaggeratedly rubbing his hair. Kristen is nervous.

Kristen: I mean, I don't want to make our relationship public. Ha ha. I like ... having to take separate cars everywhere we go. It mixes it up.

Rob's still rubbing his head.

Kristen: Unless you want to, of course. I'd consider it then. We could, you know, have a dialogue about it.

Rob gets up.

Kristen: I'm pretty against it, though. Just wanna warn you. It'd take a lot to convince me ha ha.

Rob leaves the room.

Kristen: Where are you going?! ... Rob? ... Babe?

Kristen stares at the TV, crestfallen. She changes the channel.

Kristen: Ooh, Ocean's 13.

End scene.

Do you think Rob and Kristen have had conversations like this?


Image via mage somido/Flickr

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