Miley Cyrus Gets Horrible News for Her 21st Birthday

Miley Cyrus birthdayIt's her birthday and she can cry if she wants to.

Miley Cyrus turned 21 on Saturday and it should've been a monumental event. Instead, the singer had to deal with the aftermath of being robbed.

According to the LAPD, her home in Studio City, Los Angeles was broken into and several of her personal items were stolen. Miley is reportedly extremely upset over this. While I don't blame her at all, I hope she can look on the bright side here. There is a silver lining to this awful situation.


Thankfully, nobody was home when the burglary took place. THIS IS A BLESSING. I hope she can just consider this a warning, up her security a bit, and move on. I'm not trying to belittle the situation. I just hope Miley can stay positive and take this as a very valuable lesson.

After all, you only turn 21 once. Chin up, Miley -- and happy birthday!

Is this the worst news you can receive on your birthday or what?

Image via MileyCyrus/Instagram

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