Sweet New Picture of North West Out Where Most Babies Are Not Welcome (PHOTO)

North WestKhloe Kardashian may love her baby niece North West -- but is it a compliment to say that the kid is just like Kanye West? Not so sure about that, but I'm sure she meant it in a good way. Khloe told an Australian radio show:

She's very serious like her daddy, like her facial expressions. She will look at you like, 'What are you talking about” She just stares at you like, 'Come on I’m way smarter than you are right now, don’t even try to play me.'

Oh noes, she's not going to start going around calling herself Goddess, I hope? Or Neezus? If you look at the latest snap taken of little Nori in her stroller out with mom and dad for dinner, she appears nothing like her rageaholic dad.


Those sweet pumpkin cheeks look so calm and serene -- certainly nothing like Kanye, who would sooner punch a paparazzo in the eye as change a diaper.

But perhaps Nori's "serious" personality comes in handy, because Khloe says this means no sleepless nights for her 'rents, explaining:

I truly never really hear her cry, [Kim and Kanye are] really lucky in that aspect.

Hm. Then she's definitely NOT like Kanye because he's always whining about something! Like that no one takes him seriously when he's says he's a god.

But back to Nori -- the couple were spotted out with her in an enormous carrier last night, taking her to dinner in Manhattan, where they reportedly joined grandma Kris. Now, I don't know about taking a 5-month-old into a restaurant. Not only can you be sure that this wasn't Chuck E Cheese, but you can also be sure that Kanye and Kim wouldn't get up and leave if Nori started piercing the walls with her Kanye-like screams. I'm sure Daddy would think it was her right to express herself creatively, and Mom would just be cluelessly staring at her new manicure.

I wouldn't want to be the table next to theirs, would you? Luckily, it sounds like North is a good baby who doesn't put up much of a fuss, and she looks pretty out of it in this picture. Must have timed it right around nap time.

Is it too soon to bring Nori to a fancy restaurant?


Image via TS/PacificCoastNews

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