Abigail Breslin Will Regret Her Topless Photos

Abigail Breslin toplessNever in a million years did I expect to see photos of Little Miss Sunshine sitting in a bathtub with smudged black eyeliner and pouty lips  -- especially not at the age of 17! But low and behold, I turn on my computer and there she is. Abigail Breslin completely topless.

The former child star is causing quite the media frenzy over these photos -- and rightfully so. Sure, they were taken by celebrity photographer, Tyler Shields, but still. Her reasoning for the doing the shoot seems a bit off.

Abigail admitted:


I think people see my work and see what I do and see that I'm grown up. But yeah, I'm almost 18. Every headline for the past three years has been 'Abigail Breslin All Grown Up,' so I am kind of growing up. I do want to try different things but its all for fun.

I think I'm mostly concerned about the whole "fun" part. I'm sure it's a blast to get the attention she's getting right now. Who doesn't love attention? She wants to shed that "child star" reputation, and while I completely understand that, I don't think this was the best way to do it. Think about it -- years down the road, just a quick Google search can bring these photos back. They're never going away. That's kind of scary, isn't it?

Maybe Abigail is happy with the photos, and if so ... good for her. But I think eventually down the line she'll come to the conclusion that she didn't need to take such provacative photos at such a young age to prove she's growing up. She could've just ... grown up. We would have caught on eventually.

Do you think Abigail will regret these photos?

Image via Splash

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