Jessica Simpson's Baby Boy Finally Makes His Public Debut

Jessica Simpson babyThis just in: Jessica Simpson's baby boy is totally adorable and looks exactly like her. If she can make a baby who looks that cute with Eric Johnson, I think I can officially forgive her for breaking up with Nick Lachey.

The couple has done a pretty good job at keeping 5-month-old Ace Knute out of the media spotlight -- aside from that PEOPLE cover when he was first born, we haven't seen too much of the little peanut. So we're happy to finally get a glimpse of that sweet little face!

All dressed in a plaid shirt, puffy vest, and cute little booties, Ace held onto his father as they walked through LAX. The cutest father/son bonding you will ever see!


Seriously, how cute are Eric Johnson & Ace Knute together? The look on Ace's face is just priceless -- and Eric just looks like a proud papa! Can't you just eat them up?

I think I speak for everyone when I say it's good to finally see the little boy out and about -- these kids grow up so fast! Hopefully it doesn't take another 5 months until we see him next!

How precious is this little boy? Do you think he looks more like Jessica?

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