Brooke Hogan Calls Off Engagement Because She's Clearly Delusional

Brooke Hogan engagementI'm not going to lie, when I saw that Brooke Hogan was making headlines today, I was very confused. I remember her from back in the day, vaguely, but I couldn't exactly remember why. Sure, she's Hulk Hogan's daughter, but after doing some cyber-stalking, I found out she's also a former successful reality star, a girl who likes to take provocative selfies, and someone who recently broke off her engagement to a Dallas Cowboys star for the most insane reason ever.

Where do I begin? The engagement, perhaps. The two got engaged in Vegas over the summer (original), which Brooke claimed at the time was the "happiest day" of her life.

Well, not so happy anymore.


Supposedly, Brooke ended things with her hunky football-playing fiance because things were "moving too fast" and she "wants to focus on her music career."

Yeah, I said it. Music career. Don't you remember all of her platinum hits like Hey Yo! and Strip? Well, I do. Only because I googled them, but still.

Look, I'm not going to hate on someone for chasing their dreams, but let's call a spade a spade here. Brooke is about as musically talented as Kim Kardashian is intelligent. So, I can only imagine how her poor fiance felt when she used that as a reason to call it quits.

For your enjoyment, check out one of my favorite Brooke Hogan songs below. I'm thinking about making this my new ring-tone.

Do you think this is a ridiculous reason to call off an engagement? Do you think it was just a cover-up for other serious reasons?

Image via mizzhogan/Instagram

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