5 Signs Kate Middleton Is Officially a Mom

kate middletonIt's been just a few, short months now, but I bet Kate Middleton is definitely feeling it: She's officially a mom. Of course she's been a mom all along, but it's an adjustment for everyone. Even for her. Now, though, the Duchess is showing all the signs of motherhood -- and we think they suit her well. In fact, it's getting harder and harder to remember her before she became a mom. Here are 5 of our favorite ways Kate Middleton shows she's got this mom thing down.


1. She's showing her greys. It's not just that motherhood ages you quickly -- we think it can keep you young. It's that Kate's busier now, and her priorities have shifted. She'll still keep up her appearance, but now that she's got a baby, grooming has to take a couple steps down. Lucky for her she's beautiful no matter what. In fact, we think those greys make her even more beautiful because they show she's living a full, busy life.

2. She went shopping in jeans and sneakers. Kate knows how to rock a casual shopping look, but we love that she knows how to take it down a notch or two. She looks ready for action on this shopping day, as down-to-earth as any busy mom.  

3. She sported a "mummy tummy." Do we even need to say it again? Of course we do! We loved the way she proudly displayed her "mummy tummy" right after giving birth to baby George. Why hide it? It should be a point of pride.

4. She's made it a point to be very hands-on from the beginning. Kate's uncle, Gary Goldsmith, said she and Prince William would be "very involved" in everything George does, and it seems like so far they have been. And it doesn't sound like Will and Kate have been in a hurry to hire a nanny, though they have been thoughtful about it: It's rumored that they wanted to hire Prince William's former nanny.

5. Kate has been feathering her nest. She's still decorating Kensington Palace, working with a decorator on everything from furniture to pain colors, with an eye for creams and earth tones. Sounds like it'll be a deliciously cozy and child-friendly environment for her growing family. 

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What do you think Catherine has done to show she's such a mom now?


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