Prince George Turns 4 Months Old Today: A Look Back at His Life

prince georgeToday should be a national holiday, because it's Prince George's 4-month birthday! Happy birthday, little guy! You don't look a day over a 2 1/2 months. How's life been treating you so far, eh? The Queen giving you any crap? Have you been forced to share your toys with Lupo? Ah, the life of an infant. It's rough, I tell you.

Anyway, I didn't get you anything, because what do you get the guy who has everything, you know? And a little birdie told me you haven't gotten much use out of the Sophie the Giraffe I sent you (she said unbitterly). But I did prepare a little look back of your life so far.

Prince George, this is your life! All four months of it!


1. You've stood in front of thousands of screaming fans in front of St. Mary's Hospital in London. And you slept through it! Goes to show it takes a lot to impress you. Your parents are going to have their hands full when they take you on long trips. Good luck, Duke and Duchess.

2. You've had your first official photoshoot. By grandpa, no less! And again, you slept through it. Is there something you want to tell us, George? I know rich kids in London grow up fast, but your falling asleep everywhere is slightly alarming. Anyway, congrats on the photoshoot. Most kids won't have that in their lifetime. 

3. You've lived with your grandparents. Even though you're not quite half a year old, you're quite the jetsetter. Okay, maybe jetsetter is a bit of a stretch, but England-setter might be more like it. You already know what it's like to live in both the city and the country.

4. You've lived through a renovation. I've never even lived through a renovation. But somehow you came out of the Kensington Palace apartment renovation unscathed. Do you like what mom did with the place?

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5. You've already been named on a best dressed list. Uh ... ahh ... yeah. Your onesies and socks are on the cutting edge of fashion.

6. You've blown bubbles at religion. Literally, not figuratively. Whilst you were being christened, you sat there, unamused, and blew bubbles with your spit. Bold. And I think I speak for everyone when I say: Message received.

Well, that's really it, because you haven't been alive that long. But hey, if you do something cool in the next month, maybe I'll put together another one of these for your 5-month-birthday. Enjoy your day, little man!

What's your favorite Prince George moment?


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