Chris Brown's New Solution to His Anger Problems Is Flat Out Dopey

Chris Brown has, uh, some anger issues. This we know not only because, well, he's in anger management rehab (who knew there was such a thing?) and the Rihanna assault, but because pretty much every time he steps out of his house, he's involved in some kind of melee. The latest is that he threw a rock at his own mother's car window -- and this was while he was in anger management rehab! But Chris says he's got the solution to it all. Chris feels he would calm down if he was on the right meds. Those meds? Medical marijuana! Gee. Why hadn't anyone thought of that?!


We know medical marijuana had done a lot to help people who are ill with various medical issues, or nauseous with the side effects of chemotherapy, but who thought it could help out spoiled angry rock stars too?

A source tells RadarOnline that Chris doesn't want to continue with his anti-depressants because they make him "very numb" and make him feel "fuzzy." He apparently has been taking medical marijuana for the past several years (?!) but last summer, a judge barred him from taking it. Now he feels like it only he could get his medmarj back, he'd stop throwing rocks through windows. Says the insider:

He's really trying to move forward from the incident with Rihanna, but feels it’s just going to haunt him for the rest of his life. He believes if he was allowed to take the marijuana things would dramatically improve in his life, immediately. Chris isn’t the monster everyone thinks he is.

The problem with this reasoning is that if Chris was taking medical dope for the past several years, then what accounted for his temper? Not only his assault on Rihanna, but his violent outburst at Good Morning America and his nightclub fight with Drake?

Doesn't sound like those little herb pills were doing much for him. Perhaps the only thing that will ever help Chris is losing his fame and becoming totally obscure. Then he won't have so many people making apologies for him.

Do you think medical marijuana can help with anger issues?


Image via Joel Telling/Flickr

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