Kristen Stewart Is Sick of Keeping Her Reunion With Robert Pattinson a Secret

kristen stewartJudging from the countless rumors and endless buzz, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's reunion is starting to sound less like the woe-begotten fantasy of hopeless romantic Twilight fans and more like it's actually ON! But that doesn't mean we're necessarily going to see them come out as an official couple again any time soon ...

Apparently, although Kristen's fed up with "sneaking around," Rob isn't quite ready to be out and proud about the reunion. And it's causing a bit of friction between the pair.


A friend of the actress told, "Kristen doesn’t want to keep her relationship with Rob a secret anymore. She doesn’t want to have to sneak around whenever she sees Rob — it makes her feel like she’s doing something wrong and she’s not. Kristen wants to go public with her relationship with Rob."

The insider continued, "She wants to go to concerts and other places with him, like they used to. Rob, on the other hand, is being a lot more cautious and isn’t ready to have everyone know his business when it comes to who he’s dating."

You can't quite blame, well, either of them -- if this is true. After being burned and stalked due to relationship drama, I can't really fault Rob for wanting to keep the renewed romance hush-hush. But if they're actually going to do this thing AGAIN, I'm on-board with Kristen.

I'm all for a couple doing whatever they need to do for self-preservation, even if that means being extremely private about their love. But a relationship that can only exist behind closed doors isn't much of a relationship at all! I mean, how satisfying can it possibly be to be relegated to midnight hook-ups or other totally top secret rendezvous? We all know it's a red flag when that's all one party is up for ...

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if Rob does come around. He's probably just taking his time, easing back in, feeling out the waters. And that's something Kristen's just going to have to respect ... at least for a little bit longer.

Have you ever struggled with keeping quiet about a relationship?

Image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

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