Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Win Award No One Saw Coming

miravel wineAs if we already didn't think that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have the golden touch, their latest accomplishment certainly confirms it. The Hollywood power couple got into the wine biz a couple years ago and their vino was just named the World's Best Rose Wine.

Considering that the first 6,000 bottles of their Cotes de Provence Rose Miraval (made from the vineyards at their French chateau) sold out in just five hours when they were released last year, it must be good. Not all A-list vintners can say that. Last year, The Stir conducted a celeb wine taste-test and some of them were downright disgusting. (Sorry Madonna!) Though can’t say I’m surprised about Brangelina's success. Everything they do is top notch. In fact, here is a list of other food and beverage items they should consider selling:

  1. Jolie Juice Boxes
  2. Brad’s Pitt-less Peaches
  3. Maddox About Mangos
  4. Sahara's Wild Salmon
  5. Pax Pita Chips
  6. Maddox Malt
  7. Knox's Knockwurst
  8. Apple Pie a la Angie
  9. Vivetarian Stew
  10. Shilobster Bisque

Who wouldn't love a cute Jolie-Pitt-inspired snack or menu? We all know how tight-knit this family is, so creating a bunch of yummy food products is right up their alley. The kids could even get involved in research and development or be taste-testers.

However, any other ventures will probably have to wait until after Brad and Angelina's highly anticipated nuptials. It may not be a big, splashy, star-studded affair, but there is no doubt it will be one to remember. We all know how the couple met and fell in love while Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston. For years Angelina was painted as a home-wrecker. But truth be told, I have always been on Team Angie. Not many stars are so committed to making the world better for children. So I'd buy her wine or probably anything else she and Brad decide to peddle.

Have you tried any products made by celebrities? What did you think?


Image via Patrick Gaudin/Flickr

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