Kim Kardashian's Wacky Multi-Colored Outfit Is a Total Disaster (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianMy eyes! My eyes! Seriously -- what exactly is going on with Kim Kardashian's color block outfit? She was spotted in this ensemble in New York City yesterday -- though it's no surprise the paps caught her since I'm not sure how anyone could miss her.

There's bright -- and then there's the mustard shade of yellow that is this coat, which is actually pretty blinding if you stare at it for too terribly long.

But you know what? The rest of the outfit wouldn't be half bad if Kim had only reached for a more subtle piece of outerwear.


I'm actually kind of digging the shimmery pencil skirt and bright purple (tighhhhht) top, which gives us a glimpse of Kim's slimmed down abs -- something that I'm sure she took into consideration when getting dressed that morning.

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The purple is really gorgeous with her hair color and skin tone, and paired with the skirt and fun heels, it does look pretty darn sexy.

Back to the coat. I wonder if Kanye West picked this one out for her? Somehow I can't imagine Kim selecting something that resembles a condiment you put on top of a hot dog.

Kanye, however, is definitely a fan of all things flashy -- which leads me to believe this coat has his seal of approval.

But Kim might want to think twice about throwing this one on in the future. Surely she has a gazillion other jackets in that massive closet of hers to choose from.

Whatever -- at least when she's back in L.A., she won't have a need to bundle up anymore, making the likelihood of this coat resurfacing next to impossible.

What do you think of Kim's bold outfit?


Image via Splash

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