Teresa Giudice’s Newest Fraud Charge Could Be the Strangest One Yet

teresa giudiceI swear, this Teresa and Joe Giudice fraud case gets weirder and dirtier every time I turn around. Two new counts have been brought against The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple by federal prosecutors, and one of them claims that Tre lied about being a real estate agent in order to get a bank loan. In the docs, authorities say that Teresa claimed she was employed as a realtor and made $15K per month, while officials say that Teresa was "not employed outside the home at the time." Like the other charges, Teresa has pleaded not guilty, instead opting to splurge on the "crisis manager" who advised Lindsay Lohan.


Wendy Feldman, Teresa's crisis manager, said, "I have not been hired to prepare either Teresa or Joe Giudice for prison. In fact, most of my work is well-known as crisis management oriented. However, I am acting as the legal coach and crisis manager only for Teresa Giudice." Sounds cool. Good investment, Tre.

Now, this seems like a pretty black and white fraud count to me. Either Teresa did say she was a realtor or she didn't. And she either was a realtor or she wasn't. I don't know about you guys, but I don't seem to ever recall Teresa placing "For Sale" signs outside of an open house in RHONJ. Or, you know, ever talk about being a realtor.

As of now, the Giudices are facing up to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine. And while I hope they both don't go to jail for their kids' sake, it would be puh-retty incredible if neither one of them wound up doing any time. They now have 41 fraud charges against them. How could they possibly get out of all of them?

Do you think both Giudices should go to jail?


Image via Bravo

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