Kim Kardashian May Have Been Photoshopped in Kanye's Video -- So What?!

kim kardashianI happen to think Kanye West's "Bound 2" is a solid track. In the interest of full disclosure, I have considered making it my ring-tone. People can mock 'Ye for his use of the word 'genius' all they want, but I'm more than willing to assign him that moniker. The video for the song is getting a whole mess of press -- but not because the universe is deeply smitten with the song.

It's getting all this traction because Kim Kardashian is nude in the video. That's right -- nake-nake, skivvy-ville party of Kim. It isn't the first time (nor, I'm sure, will it be the last) that the universe has borne witness to Kim in her altogethers. But coming so quickly on the heels of the birth of her daughter (and because we are all giant jerks), Kim's appearance is under major scrutiny.


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Can we pause to acknowledge how completely borked that is? Because it is. Not simply content to rail at the woman for behaving in a manner deemed "inappropriate" for a mom, the populace at large has decided that Kim was photoshopped. I guess really my response to this boils down to the following: Who cares?

For one thing, we aren't talking about a woman who's known for her natural looks. Kim Kardashian is beautiful with or without makeup, but we all know sister-friend prefers her false lashes and her highlighting creams (Kim has always said that a good tan intimidates the snipers sent to attack by Throbtron). Kim's camp insists there's no photoshop -- just proof of all the diet and exercise Kim has been up to.

I mean, I guess if they want to fight about this, that's their prerogative, but I repeat: Who cares? It's not like the video itself is a study in realism. Spoiler alert: Kanye's not really riding a motorcycle and I'm pretty sure the color of the sky got an assist in post-production. The video -- however real it may be -- is goofy and pretty and kind of weirdly brilliant. It's also make-believe. So who cares what went into creating the finished product?

Do you think Kim was photoshopped?


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