Jennifer Lawrence Was Seriously Sick Before 'Catching Fire' Premiere (VIDEO)

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If there was ever any doubt that Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely perfect for the role of Katniss Everdeen, her recent real-life antics should put those doubts to rest. Why? Cause the girl is badass, that's why! Lawrence was apparently so sick with a mysterious (very unpleasant-sounding) stomach ailment right before the premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire that she was hospitalized, briefly -- but she still managed to glam it up like a pro on the red carpet. By the time she made it to the Late Show With David Letterman, however, she was about ready to throw in the towel -- or the blanket, as it were.


See, Lawrence was, as we said, not feeling so hot -- literally. And Letterman's studio IS notoriously chilly. So Lawrence spent her appearance on the show under a fluffy pink blanket! Which was, of course, super cute. (Letterman even joined her under the duvet for a bit.) While snuggled, she gave Letterman the gory details of her recent visit to the hospital, and while some might cry "TMI," the specifics definitely support the "Jennifer Lawrence is one hell of a trouper" theory: "You can only sh*t your pants so many times before you have to go to the emergency room," she explained. Yikes! While in the ER, doctors gave her an endoscopy to rule out an ulcer. She doesn't have one, so they're not sure what was the cause of her gastric distress, but she was definitely illin' (not in a good way). Check out this hilarious clip:

Gotta love her honesty! I mean, even movie stars call in sick sometimes. But not Lawrence -- the odds were NOT in her favor, but she showed up to work anyway. Bad. Ass.

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence is as tough as Katniss Everdeen?

Image via Late Show With David Letterman/YouTube

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