Chris Brown Will Be Locked Up for 90 Days ... But Sadly Not in Jail

chris brownGrumpy singer Chris Brown was in court in Los Angeles on Wednesday for a progress report hearing, and, sadly, he got off really easy. There were rumors swirling around that he might to go to jail for violating his probation from the Rihanna beating incident, but instead, Brown walked away with a 90-day rehab sentence. And that's toootally going to work. There's no way Brown will ever assault or injure another person after a harsh punishment like that! Good work, justice system! Thank god America has you keeping the crazies in check!



In case you're unfamiliar with Brown's rap sheet post-Rihanna, allow me to fill you in. Earlier on this month, Brown was kicked out of a rehab facility after two weeks after he flew into a violent rage and threw a rock through his mother's car window, shattering it. Brown also was arrested last month for felony assault after allegedly attacking a man outside a hotel in D.C. The victim reportedly photobombed a picture Chris was taking with fans, and Chris blew up, allegedly punching the man in the face and breaking his nose. Before he attacked the man, Brown reportedly said, "I'm not down with that gay s**t, I feel like boxing." He also is currently involved in a legal battle for an alleged fist fight that took place with singer Frank Ocean in Los Angeles. The probation department in the case reportedly wanted Brown to attend a live-in rehab center, while sources say the DA wanted him in jail -- today.

Now, does Chris Brown need treatment? Of course he does. The man's a lunatic, and hasn't seemed to have learned much since the Rihanna incident. But what other non-celebrity in the world would ever get a "punishment" like this? Chris is essentially going to do yoga and drink chamomile tea for 3 months and then be on his merry way. Does that seem like it's going to do the trick? What Chris needs is jail time and then rehab. Like I said, I fully believe in rehabilitation, but I also believe that at this rate, Chris probably thinks he's more or less invincible.

It's good that the rehab center he'll be attending is a live-in one at least. And also, the judge who ordered Brown to the rehab facility wants a report on the D.C. incident, which could result in him getting his probation yanked in the Rihanna case -- which could then mean prison time.

Do you think this is an appropriate punishment for Brown?

Image via benyupp/Flickr
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