Kate Middleton's Interest In Kids Goes Beyond Baby George

When you have a baby you often become way more attuned to topics that concern children -- things you wouldn't have thought of twice before giving birth. Kate Middleton is, of course, just like you and me and seems to be experiencing the same, shall we call it, increase in empathy when it comes to all-things-children? The Duchess was a guest at a forum for one of her favorite charities, Place2Be, where she, by choice, stayed a full hour longer than she had planned. So, just what was being discussed that grabbed Kate's attention so fully? 



Not surprisingly, bullying and cyberbullying comprised a major part of the conference and Kate, who was reportedly bullied at school when she was younger, was wholly invested in the conversation. Self-harm, addiction, and special education were also discussed at the forum. But according to one professor who attended the event, Kate seemed most interested in problems facing children ages 0-5 and even asked several questions about sexting

Like many moms of wee, still incredibly innocent little babies, maybe Kate is just horrified at the thought that little George might grow up one day and have to deal with a world where sexting happens between tweens? Ugh, who could blame her for being concerned. 

But here's what's really exciting about this news: even though we've heard that the Princess wouldn't be returning to work after marrying Prince William and that she would focus on being a mom and a member of royalty, could her deep interest and passion in these topics indicate the potential for a new career for the Duchess? She could pursue social work or become a leader in educational policy.

A Princess with a career. Is it a long shot? You betcha. But Kate and Will have already brought such modern flair to the royal family that I wouldn't put anything past them at this point. Either way, it's inspiring to see Kate take such an interest in important topics.

What do you envision Kate doing in the future?


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