Kim Kardashian & Kanye West May Soon Have Some Very Famous Neighbors

Kim KardashianSo remember yesterday when we heard that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West didn't weren't exactly into their Italian-style villa megamansion and instead, were hoping to build a home on this massive plot of land that actually belongs to Dr. Dre? Yeah. Well. About that. Apparently if Kimye and baby North build their more "private" home there, they'll have some famous neighbors. Very famous, actually. A happy couple by the name of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. Yup -- Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson, neighbors

Ha! I mean the two ladies have each had their own reality shows and are both fashion designers -- I'm sure they can bond about that. Plus, maybe North and Simpson's baby Ace Knute could one day fall in love!

OK, so maybe I'm jumping the gun here.


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It may be easy for big names like Kardashian and West to find out who their neighbors are when checking out spots in such an exclusive neighborhood, but for the rest of us? Not always. So the question arises: Do you look in to who lives nearby when seeking out new real estate?

I think often, the answer is no. After looking for a house that has so many of the things on a certain wish-list, who the neighbors are is generally a thought that usually takes a backseat. But maybe it shouldn't. For all you know, your neighbor could be an elderly lady who really despises children (oh, the idea!). Not exactly what you want to hear when you have two rambunctious kiddos that love to play in the yard. On the flip side, if there are other kids that live next door, perhaps you've found a new carpool partner.

I have no doubts that Jess and Kim could be great friends. And if they teamed up for a reality show? Or a special? UGH. Sky's the limit, ya'll.

Could you see Kim and Jessica being friends? Did you ask around about the neighbors before moving into a new home?


Image via KimKardashian/ Instagram

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