Kate Middleton’s Baby George Is Destined to Follow in Her Footsteps

kate middletonEveryone always talks about Kate Middleton's fabulous fashions, but she may have some competition in the coming months. No, not from sister Pippa. We actually have our eye on the newest member of the Royal Windsor clan. In case you have been living under a rock, that would be gorgeous 4-month-old Prince George. Kate recently shared new details about her little guy.


Attending an event for the charity Only Connect with Prince William, the new mom chatted up commoner Aaron Russell-Andrews, who brought along his own 20-month-old daughter, Teegan. He gifted the Duchess with a cute personalized onesie that featured the organization's logo. Sized for 3 to 6 months, Middleton told him it would be a "very good fit" for George and that he was "growing up fast." 

I bet he is. At that age, you blink and they are doing something new. No matter what Kate does or where she goes, thoughts of George are surely at the top of her mind. But it isn't just her obsession, mind you. Everyone is curious about the future ruler of England. And this cute, fashionable, and philanthropic onesie is just the beginning. He is destined to follow in his mom's and grandmother Diana's do-gooder footsteps whether he likes it or not. In many ways, this is the charge of modern day royals.

Sure, he will have to attend countless ceremonies and host heads of state. Howver, his most important work will be bringing attention to issues that help others -- something I have no doubt Kate will teach him early on. That certainly will be his most important duty ... well, that and being a fashion icon. That's definitely in his blood too!

Do you think Kate lets George wear all of the clothes people gift him?


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