Channing Tatum Tries Van Damme's Epic Split With Less-Than-Epic Results (VIDEO)

channing tatumThere is no denying that Jean Claude Van Damme's split between two moving trucks was epic. How many men in the world are actually able to do that? None that I've ever met. I didn't even think anyone else would come close to successfully attempting this physical marvel. That is until I saw hottie Channing Tatum re-create the amazing stunt. Sorry Jean Claude -- you have some, er, stiff competition.


The following video appeared on the Magic Mike star's personal YouTube page. He does this whole spoof as his 21 Jump Street character Jenko. Check out Channing in all his awesomeness!

Ok. So it may not be EXACTLY as amazing as Jean Claude Van Damme's version. But you have to admit, anything Channing does is pretty remarkable. Plus, how adorably funny is this guy. He pokes fun at himself throughout the bit. Don't you love an A-list actor who doesn't take himself too seriously?

And though this was a parody, he does give Van Damme respect. Clearly that feat is hard as hell. Come on! Doing the splits between two moving trucks. Crazy! As physically fit as Channing is, he didn't even come close to a split while riding two meal carts. Hilarious.

In case you missed it, here is the awe-inspiring original:

Which one do you like better?

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